Ringo Starr is a living legend whose contribution to the roots of Rock and Roll is immeasurable, not only as a Beatle, but also through his prolific and successful solo career. In gathering a new group of iconic rockers to play as the All Starr band each tour, every configuration offers a new and memorable moment where we get to experience songs we all know and love.

‘Ringo At The Ryman,’ filmed on July 7, 2012, celebrates Ringo’s birthday with an extra special line-up touching on some unforgettable hits spanning 4 decades — from Steve Lukather (Toto), Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Mark Rivera (Billy Joel), Gregg Rollie (Journey, Santana), Todd Rundgren and Gregg Bissonette. The set list is undeniably familiar: ‘It Don’t Come Easy,’ ‘Act Naturally,’ ‘Photograph,’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Man,’ ‘Yellow Submarine,’ and his bandmates contributions ‘Roseanna,’ ‘Black Magic Woman,’ ‘Kyrie Elaison,’ ‘Bang the Drum All Day,’ and so many more.

During the show at the Ryman, the All Starrs weren’t the only stars out that night. Joe Walsh makes a special guest appearance to play Rocky Mountain Way and is then joined for the encore, ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ by his daughter Lucy and some of Nashville s finest players such as Brendan Benson, Kix Brooks, Gary Burr, Vince Gil, Brad Paisley & former All Starr alum Felix Cavaliere, and Richard Marx.

‘Ringo at the Ryman’ is a musical journey featuring great players and great classic hit songs, all-in-all a momentous celebration, and a heck of a birthday party.

Tracklist der DVD
1. Open / Matchbox (Ringo Starr)
2. It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo Starr)
3. Wings (Ringo Starr)
4. I Saw The Light (Todd Rundgren)
5. Evil Ways (Gregg Rolie)
6. Rosanna (Steve Lukather)
7. Kyrie Eleison (Richard Page)
8. Don’t Pass Me By (Ringo Starr)
9. Bang The Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren)
10. Boys (Ringo Starr)
11. Yellow Submarine (Ringo Starr)
12. Black Magic Woman (Gregg Rolie)
13. Band Intro / Happy Birthday (The All Starr Band)
14. Anthem (Ringo Starr)
15. The Greatest (Ringo Starr)
16. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh)
17. You Are Mine (Richard Page)
18. Africa (Steve Lukather)
19. Everybody s Everything (Gregg Rolie)
20. I Wanna Be Your Man (Ringo Starr)
21. Love Is The Answer (Todd Rundgren)
22. Broken Wings (Richard Page)
23. Hold The Line (Steve Lukather)
24. Photograph (Ringo Starr)
25. Act Naturally (Ringo Starr)
26. With A Little Help From My Friends / Give Peace A Chance (The All Starr Band)